Mars in transit in the 10th house

Mars in transit in the 10th house

Transiting Mars in the 10th house of your birth chart.
The energy and enthusiasm of your current situation is directed primarily toward self-promotion and advancement. Professional and other ambitions are at the forefront; your actions can have a significant impact on your future. You strive to attract the attention of others and those with power and influence. You may not necessarily have the ambition to draw their attention to you, but it is likely to happen during this period. Even if you don’t have access to social gatherings, you want those around you to notice your actions and accomplishments. Activities involving bosses and authority figures will increase. This may mean doing extra work for your boss, the government, or another authority. Through your efforts, your male relative or boss will gain recognition or improve his position.

Promote yourself or start a campaign for a person or idea you believe in when transiting Mars in the 10th house makes favorable aspects to your natal planets.

Don’t get involved in matters you don’t want others to know about when transiting Mars in the tenth house makes unfavorable aspects to your natal planets. Possible physical confrontations with male authority figures. (J. J. Skalka).

Transiting Mars in the tenth house of the horoscope :
Almost all of one’s energy is directed toward work and personal goals. With a strong natal Mars and no negative aspect to transiting Mars, a person can accomplish a lot and get good results. Transiting Mars in this field makes a person more courageous, determined and willing. An opportunity arises to prove oneself in action, to show one’s abilities. The person becomes more ambitious, aspires to be the first, to occupy the first places, is able to take risks, to put everything on the line to achieve his goal. Obstacles do not embarrass him or her, they only encourage him or her more. At this point, he or she may receive an important assignment and, in some cases, be offered a new, higher position. In any case, during this period he or she will have to work hard, forgetting everything but the goal. For women, this position may indicate the appearance in their lives of an authoritative and entrepreneurial man.

On the negative side, a person can be overconfident, moving forward without really choosing his way, pushing open doors or rejecting competitors. He will not stop at scandals or the need for open confrontation. However, as a rule, her efforts do not produce the desired result or the victory is too costly. Often the person is responsible for failure, although the problems may be caused by powerful opponents. Situations of loss of position, authority, and work are possible at this time. Discredit, loss of autonomy and collapse of goals are possible. This transit often leads to conflict with superiors or others higher up the social ladder, or with law enforcement. Loss of interest, apathy, inactivity and inattention are possible in this terrain. Risk of injury and accidents on the job. Women may have problems with men in positions of authority. (S. A. Vronsky).

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